5 "Basic Plus" Washes (East Hill)
5 Our Basic Wash with choice of One Option: Clear Coat Protectant, Underflush w/rust inhibitor, Wheel Brightener. Alternate with the season.
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5 "Basic Plus" Washes (East Hill) $50.00
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East Hill Car Wash, Ithaca, New York
Get your Car Wash!
Experience Our State of the Art Automatic Car Wash system! We're located in Ithaca, NY.
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Single Washes   Price Savings
Basic Wash, Tires, Rinse, Dry only  $9.00 Save w/ book
Basic Plus
w/one option below *
only $11.00 Save w/ book
* Clear Coat Protectant
* Underbody Flush
* Wheel Brightener
The Works -Incl. All Above Services plus Body Blast & Triple Foam Conditioner Polish only $13.00 Save w/ book
 Coupon Books w/ Enhanced Value Features


5 BASIC CAR WASH BOOK buy.gif $40.00 $5.00
30 BASIC CAR WASH BOOK buy.gif $228.00  $42.00
5 BASIC PLUS CAR WASH BOOK buy.gif $50.00 $5.00
30 BASIC PLUS CAR WASH BOOK buy.gif $288.00 $42.00
5 THE WORKS CAR WASH BOOK buy.gif $55.00 $10.00
30 THE WORKS CAR WASH BOOK buy.gif $320.00 $70.00
Lansing Car Wash, Lansing, New York
Basic Wash, Rinse, Dry $7.00
Deluxe Wash w/Underflush, Wax, Rinse, Dry $8.00
Waxless Supreme Wash ( Supreme package, No Wax ) $8.00
Supreme Wash w/Underflush, Double  Soap, Double Pass Wash, Foaming Conditioner Wax, Clear Coat Protectant Rinse, Dryer $9.00
Discount Coupon Books Available


East Hill Hours:
Automatic Wash
Mon. - Sat. 8am - 6pm
Sun. 8am - 4pm

Self Serve Bays
Open 24 hours / 7 Days

Lansing Hours:
Totally Touchless Automatic
Self Serve Bays
Open 24 hours / 7

We Accept: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express
January 18, 2018
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